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The Food Innovation Program is featured in the Expo2015 Magazine!

With only four months to go, the “Expo energy” is in full swing and the excitement over the Food Innovation Program is also in the...   Read More

Food Innovation Program announces a Scholarship opportunity for Food Tank Followers

The Food Innovation Program is proud to announce to the Food Tank Community the opportunity receive a scholarship to attend the Master’s program dedicated...   Read More

Studying food innovation in Italy

l‘Espresso, Italy’s top weekly magazines covering all the latest trends in culture, food, technology, politics, economics and innovative trends in the nation and abroad,...   Read More

ExpoMORE 2015

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia started its journey towards Expo 2015 early this year with the establishment of an ExpoMORE committee composed...   Read More

What are they saying about us?

Without a doubt the transmission of knowledge diffused externally in many research fields cannot exclude the world of food. It is here that the...   Read More

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