Food Innovation Global Mission

  • 12/05 – 18/05 Wageningen, Maastricht and Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • 19/05 – 24/05 Valencia, Madrid (Spain)
  • 19/05 – 24/05 Berlin (Germany)
  • 26/05 – 31/05 New York (USA)
  • 26/05 – 31/05 Toronto (Canada)
  • 31/05 – 12/06 San Francisco (USA)
  • 13/06 – 21/06 Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  • 13/06 – 21/06 Tokyo (Japan)
  • 22/06 – 01/07 Shanghai (China)
  • 02/07 – 09/07 Mumbai (India)
  • 02/07 – 09/07 Bangkok (Thailand)
FOOD INNOVATION GLOBAL “MISSION” is a real MISSION not just based on spreading a positive “message” but one that is rooted in a belief that, in order to generate innovation experience, knowledge and cross-pollination are fundamental.

A two-month mission to the main food tech hubs of the world, Amsterdam, Madrid, Valencia, Berlin, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai and Bangkok, to meet companies, startups, makers, scientists, representatives institutional; the mission will visit Fablabs, Universities, research centers, scientific and technological clusters to promote a more sustainable and conscious approach to food, develop new technologies and innovations in the food sector, strengthen the link between the world of education, the world of research and innovation, the world makers and the business world and train young talents who can become the “future food leaders”.

The Mission will involve an international delegation of 16 student-researchers from 10 different nationalities, led by the Future Food Institute to discover the 12 most important Food Innovation Hubs in the world.with the following backgrounds: engineering, food technology, chemistry, economics, design, entrepreneurship, gastronomic sciences, agrarian, political science, international cooperation, food sciences, management and communication.

They are a multifaceted team capable of interpreting signals and trends, researching projects, as well as communicate effectively with a great appreciation for global and local societies, bringing a multicultural and multidimensional view of the world around them.

The delegation’s research will focus on four major issues: sustainability and circular economy, the future of proteins, agricultural innovation in increasingly “smart” rural and urban contexts, the future of food service. Each research will give life to an in-depth publication on the subject and a series of documentaries.

The tour will also be an opportunity to raise awareness of the excellence of Italian food culture at a global level and support Italian food companies that are successfully establishing themselves abroad. At each stage the delegation will have the opportunity to meet the research world through partnerships with prestigious international universities, but also the community of companies and foodies representative of Made in Italy in the world thanks to the collaboration with “I Love Italian Food”, the largest international community dedicated to 100% Italian food.

The entire mission will be animated by the “Future Food 4 Climate Change” campaign, which will feature hundreds of advocates and influencers all over the world, engaged with the help of the Climate Leaders of the Youth Climate Leaders Network, the most important “Climate Co -Lab “of young people in the world. The testimonial of the #FF4CC campaign comes from the activist and well-known American entrepreneur Marc Buckley, founder of one of the most well-known healthy sustainable beverage industries in Germany, and coordinator of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project for Austria and Germany.

The tour will touch some of the most important world capitals, global excellence of innovation linked to the agri-food chain. A real mission between Fab Lab, accelerators and business incubators, research centers and markets, to discover the “local food heroes”, experimenting with “food rituals” and studying the great “icons” of the world food that characterize the different cultures.

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