Food Tech Kids Lab


The Future Food Institute created the Kids Lab with the aim of proposing an innovative and disruptive model of food education labs for the youngest food innovators starting from the age of five.

These labs give kids the sense that they can make a change in the world sparking their motivation and confidence to work hard in understanding and persevering in looking for solutions to the challenge.

OUR METHODOLOGY: inspired by the Reggio Children philosophy, FFI views children as competent, curious, full of knowledge and potential who approach obstacles with a unique lens, often coming up with solutions that are unperceived by adults. Kids Lab engages children in open-ended experiments so they can engage with food naturally and easily, inspiring in themselves a better relationship with food and in adults unprecedented inspiration and solutions to food problems at any level.

OUR CONTENT: The Kids Labs also make use of the Seeds of Disruption map from the IFTF in Palo Alto and Design Thinking methodology from the of the Stanford University to explore new solutions to existing problems throughout the whole value chain from how food is produced, manufactured, distributed, sold and consumed. Design Thinking empowers a solution oriented mindset from an early age, enables socialisation and community creating and boosts creativity through the use of alternative ways of expression. When kids are given the chance to invent the restaurant of the future, to find ways to combating food waste or finding a solution to the uneasy family cooking experience of nowadays, we are creating mini problem-solvers with an underestimated potential of creating a more desirable future.

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