It’s time for Food Innovation Summer School Mediterraneo

On Monday July 4, the first edition of our Food Innovation Summer School Mediterraneo was officially kicked off at the University of Messina. Twenty-five participants between the ages of 25-35 years of age have been selected from all corners of the globe: Colombia, Canada, United States, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Romania, Lithuania, Algeria, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, and Italy. These ambitious and young individuals all have impressive backgrounds, from food service professionals, researchers, scientists to activists all have a specific project or an idea to revolutionize the world of food and attempt to change the dynamics of an evolving system. They are now together in one of the most fascinating cities in the heart of the Mediterranean region, the city of Messina.

This formative experience is unique and unrepeatable, with a specific focus on the Mediterranean region where participants will discover the methods, the flavors and the roots of this culturally and historically significant region. The Mediterranean diet is part of our Italian history and is rooted in our land and is a part of the Italian identity as well as the identity to 22 other surrounding nations that share this common region. That is why it so important to understand the scope of the Mediterranean and value it as a vital key to unlocking the future of food, applying the know-how and expertise to projects and the ideas that will be brought out by these selected 25 participants. The Summer School will be three intense weeks of lectures, field trips, meetings with local food leaders, conferences and study sessions with teachers and international speakers who will talk about the Mediterranean diet from a wide range of perspectives and help all participants to look at the Mediterranean reality from original as well as “disruptive” viewpoints.

Official account of the event: #FoodInMed

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