Zero Hunger Games

If food is a human right, then the ultimate challenge is to eliminate hunger.
2015 is the year that we verify which of the Millennium Goals set forth by the United Nations have been achieved or what is still missing in order to attain an acceptable result. For it’s part, the World Food Program has long since launched the great global challenge on ridding hunger, but where are we really?
Are we tackling the problem from the right side?
Why not we play with various ideas to solve the problem?
Drones, sensor, sustainable packaging, social innovation, apps, big data, Internet of food, city farming.
A healthy dose of creativity and brain racking is needed in order to find innovative solutions. Solutions like dreams that are could be feasible and attainable.
Because only those who think the impossible can make it possible.
Together, we will think up solutions to produce and deliver food to those who need it in areas where climatic conditions hinder fertile lands or where political conditions hinder fertile economies.
Starting from taking a look around our own world where often times the hungry turn out to be our neighbors.

opening ceremony May 5th 4.30 pm
Closing celebration May 6th 8pm
via L.Spallanzani, 1 – Reggio Emilia

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