Women Startup Weekend Bologna

Women Startup Weekend took place last weekend in Bologna, at TIM#WCAP Startup Accelerator.
Fifty-two hours, 40 girls and 7 startup projects – these are the numbers of the first event fully dedicated to Women Entrepreneurship in Italy.
Among the participants were also two students of the Food Innovation Program: Chiara Cecchini (MindFood) and Elena Galli (Trueveller), both working on startup projects focused on innovating food.
MindFood is an online platform for Responsible Food Providers that accepts a brand new currency earned by users through movement, creating value within their community through promoting an active lifestyle.
Trueveller is an online marketplace which aims to innovate the Food Experience by leading the True Traveller towards the discovery of the hidden and authentic gastronomic treasures of Italy.
Chiara’s startup, MindFood, was among the Winning Projects, awarded by the jury for its innovativeness, business model sustainability and foresight.
Spending a whole weekend immersed in the Accelerator environment surrounded by coaches, mentors, startuppers and great speakers was indeed an incredible inspiring experience.
Working with a brilliant team and seeing our idea become reality in less than three days was priceless!
Written by Elena Galli, FIP Student, Class of 2015

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