Are you interested in FIP 4.0? Verify your access requirements!


Do you have got one of the following qualifications?

  • any second level degree obtained in Italy D.M. 270/04 as of October 24 th, 2004 (Laurea Magistrale);
  • any second level degree obtained in Italy D.M. 509/1999 as of November 3rd, 1999 (Laurea Specialistica);
  • all degrees obtained in Italy under the previous system D.M. 509 as of November 3rd, 1999 (Laurea V.O.);
  • any bachelor degree (4 years) or Master’s degree obtained abroad and deemed appropriate by the Admissions Board, solely for the purposes of admission to the Master’s Programme.

Well, you are able to advance to the admission procedure as a student.
The admission to the Program is subjected to an admission Board pre assessment, based on candidates’ qualifications (reference letters are optional).
The final score will be the result of the valuation on CV (max 70 points for your academic results and professional experience) and motivation (max 30 points for your motivation letter, video, interview).
Only candidates who obtain a positive pre assessment (total final score 50 points​) will be permitted to move to the registration as students of the Master. Reserve list will be possible.



Don’t you have got a qualification to become a FIP student, but are you a food specialist or entrepreneur?
Well, you can apply as auditor.

Auditors will be admitted in a limited number, according to the discretionary judgment of the Admission Board. They will be assessed on the base of their affinity (in terms of work experience and personal inclination) with the Program’s learning objectives.
Only auditors whose will complete all the Program, will obtain a certificate of attendance and not the title of Second level University Master’s Degree in “Food Innovation”.
Please note that for the Italian education system auditors aren’t university students, but they will attend all the classes and leave for the Global Mission.


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