A little talk with Tarek Soliman, former student of Food Innovation Program

The Food Innovation Program 2.0 is arriving, a comprehensive educational platform that offers a selection of unique and innovative initiatives, targeting students and professionals, designed to inspire and empower a new generation of creative and responsible food entrepreneurs and food innovators. Tarek Soliman, former student of the program is one of them:

My background is in agriculture, particularly in the discipline of agroecology, and systems thinking methodology. The course gave a good idea about Design thinking methodology and forecasting. Currently I am a research fellow at the Future Food Institute. My current research focus is Responsible food innovation, which is where I relate my background to the disruptive food innovation paradigm in a manner that softens the collision between tradition and technical innovation.

To anyone who is interested I would say the same thing I often say, “the master program is what you make out of it”. Not all master programs are the same, this one is particularly interesting for the autonomous, proactive practitioner who is more into the hands on approach and can be flexible. As with every other aspect of life, glitches happen, expectations cannot always be met, but there is a lot of benefit to be gleaned for those who perceive the difference between knowledge and information.

WikiExpo is the project that was conceived as a repository for Expo knowledge heritage. The process itself has led me down avenues I would have never expected.

Participating in the Food Innovation program at this particular moment gave me the opportunity for a daily experience of the Milan Expo, where I had an intense, yet self paced career makeover, which was also the challenge related to the course.

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