Food Innovation Global Mission 2018 Prepares to Launch!

In -less than a week from today, 16 student-researchers of 10 nationalities will travel to 12 cities and 10 countries around the world as part of our Food Innovation Program’s Global Mission! This year, they will focus on four topics: explore scalable sustainability & circular systems; future of proteins; agro-innovation in smart cities; and food care & future of food service.


Our two-month mission will hit the most cutting edge food tech hubs in the world in Amsterdam, Madrid, Valencia, Berlin, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai and Bangkok. The delegation will meet companies, startups, universities, research centers, scientific and technological clusters and institutions. The Mission’s goal is to promote a more sustainable and conscious approach to nutrition, develop new technologies and innovations in the food sector and strengthen the link between education and world changemakers. The Mission is a deep dive into research, innovation and the business world, training young talented researches to become the “future food leaders”.


The group of 20 will be together for the locations below in bold, and split into two groups of 10 in the other locations.


12/05 – 18/05 Wageningen, Maastricht and Amsterdam (Netherlands)

19/05 – 24/05 Valencia, Madrid (Spain)

19/05 – 24/05 Berlin (Germany)

26/05 – 31/05 New York (USA)

26/05 – 31/05 Toronto (Canada)

01/06 – 12/06 San Francisco (USA)

13/06 – 21/06 Hong Kong (China)

13/06 – 21/06 Tokyo (Japan)

22/06 – 01/07 Shanghai (China)

02/07 – 09/07 Mumbai (India)

02/07 – 09/07 Bangkok (Thailand)


See you on the road!


Embed video of 2017’s Future Food Institute Global Mission:


“I see this like the launch of a new space shuttle that is going to the moon or to mars. The Food Innovation Global Mission is drastically needed in our world to take us to the next level.”

– Marc Buckley

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