A comprehensive educational platform that offers a selection of unique and innovative initiatives, targeting students and professionals, designed to inspire and empower a new generation of creative and responsible food entrepreneurs and food innovators. Our mission is to nurture a new world-class breed of innovators, share abilities within the local communities and spark change processes within the food system.


    Education programs 2016

    We've extended our deadline to the end of May 2016 with additional scholarship opportunities now available! APPLY NOW Read the admission procedure
  • The Food Innovation Program 2.0

    is a 12-month full time Master’s Program that offers aspiring food innovators and entrepreneurs an invaluable experience in enhancing their professional goals and personal growth. The Program is structured in three distinct phases with final thesis project. First phases is the INSPIRATION Track in Reggio Emilia, Italy that offers an intense and comprehensive academic experience combining classical and innovative educational methodologies, such as foresight training and design thinking. Once complete, students then go through the ASPIRATION Track to expand their entrepreneurial horizons and engage in the cross-pollination of ideas, cultures and culinary traditions through a global tour of Silicon Valley, California, Shanghai and other Asian cities. Finally, the PERSPIRATION track includes laboratory training and prototyping in the Officucina, the unique kitchen maker-space designed specifically for the Food Innovation Program.

  • Who should apply?

    Future provisioners, risk takers, movers and shakers with an appetite to improve and share good food. The Food Innovation Program is not just an educational training, but a symbiotic life experience that requires your full-time commitment starting from day one; the more you apply yourself and “live” the FIP experience, the more you get out of it and be able to develop those unique skills in seizing opportunities and making the most in all your experiences throughout this challenging and exciting journey. READ MORE
  • Food Innovation Program - Final Showcase

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