Food Innovation Global Mission



FOOD INNOVATION GLOBAL “MISSION” is a real MISSION not just based on spreading a positive “message” but one that is rooted in a belief that, in order to generate innovation experience, knowledge and cross-pollination are fundamental.

Presenting a 60 day tour for 10 Food Hubs (Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Singapore, Kyoto, Davis & San Francisco, Boston, Wageningen & Maastricht, London, Bologna & the Italian Food Valley)

The delegation:
15 talented students – from Food Innovation Program [selected from more than 80 applicants], coming from: Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Egypt, the Philippines, Germany, Jordan, England, India, Italy, Poland, Peru, Spain, South Africa, USA, Turkey and Venezuela;
with the following backgrounds: engineering, food technology, chemistry, economics, design, entrepreneurship, gastronomic sciences, agrarian, political science, international cooperation, food sciences, management and communication.

They are a multifaceted team capable of interpreting signals and trends, researching projects, as well as communicate effectively with a great appreciation for global and local societies, bringing a multicultural and multidimensional view of the world around them.

5 accompanying figures (sherpa, storyteller, video maker, design thinking coach, mentor)

A mission that was founded with a main focus on Research. Each member of the delegation will have a specific objective indicated by project partners as well as a personal topic that will feed into the mapping of Global Food Hubs, which will be a necessary tool for organizing future trends and triggering the creation of global innovation that is inclusive and sustainable.

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