Hong Kong Food Hackathon 2018

  • Fri 15 June 2018 until Sun 17 June 2018
  • 6:30 pm

A Global collaboration between food innovators, futurists and NGOs is launching the first Hong Kong Food Hackathon on 15-17th June 2018. This is an event created to disrupt the food system and open up entrepreneurial opportunities for new businesses on the food supply chain through digitalization and the Internet of Things.

Why a Food Hackathon?

The food system requires re-thinking and innovating. New business models are required and data and technology can be used to support radical changes that can lead to healthy, nutritious, trusted, transparent, informed and more efficient food systems. Currently, 30% of all food grown does not reach its intended consumer and is lost or wasted. It means that, in addition, 30% of resources used to grow, process, transport and distribute that same food is also wasted. While food is wasted, about 1 billion people are mal-nourished. Moreover, the food system is one of the top 3 carbon footprint contributors that create greenhouse gases that lead to climate change. There is an urgent requirement to innovate the food system


What is a Food Hackathon?

A weekend intensive training and brainstorming to innovate the food system: You get to create new business concepts in a mixed team with experts from different industries to tackle food challenges through digitalizing the food system in a circular economy.

At the end of the weekend team concepts are presented and judged to see who has the best solutions!

How it works?
Over the weekend, you are provided with knowledge about where, how and why food is handled and tools to help exploration and development of new concepts to handle food. You get to practice a Systems and Design Thinking Approach. You will conduct research to develop concepts and learn how to prototype outcomes. Mentors will be present throughout the weekend to discuss and offer feedback.
Is it for you?
If you are interested in the future of your food and you either have experience in the food system or come from any of the following disciplines this is for you… design, engineering, any of the sciences from computer to social and food, robotics, policy, film, retail, hospitality and more. Together we will disrupt food. Included in the mix will be global students from the Masters food innovation program at the University of Bologna Italy. As part of their global mission, they will visit 12 cities between May and July 2018 and participate in a food Innovation Hackathon. Hong Kong let’s make it count!
When and where will it be?
From 6:30 pm on 15 June 2018 (Fri) to 5.00 pm on 17 June 2018 (Sun) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University



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