Future Food For Climate Change tour in the US

  • Thu 06 September 2018 until Tue 18 September 2018
  • All Day

Future Food for Climate Change (FF4CC) flies to the United States. The mission is focused on how technology can help the food chain to cause less harm to the climate and find new solutions for a sustainable future. From September 6 to September 18 FF4CC stops in San Francisco and New York for its official US kickoff.

The US mission, led by the Director of institutional relations and special partnerships FFI and Coordinator of the Future Food for Climate Change project Claudia Laricchia, includes a series of institutional meetings and public events to promote the impact of the application of technology in the food supply chain, on the climate and on the environment.


«First of all we must stop eating what is polluting and polluting by eating – explains Claudia Laricchia – The Planet can no longer stand the food system process including the growing, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing and consumption of food. The Future Food Institute is committed to keep promoting a healthy and sustainable relationship between man and food for the health of people and the earth. The agreement between Future Food Institute and The Climate Reality Europe, the European branch of the project born of Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States and Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental commitment, proves it».

The Future Food Climate Project US kickoff has two major moments. The first one is in San Francisco on September 13 as a side event outside the simultaneous Global Climate Action Summit.  

The San Francisco FF4CC event promotes a panel discussion on the key role of clean and plant-based proteins at The Archery (470 Alabama Street). The conversation is organized by The Future Food Institute, KitchenTown and Institute for the Future‘s Food Futures Lab. Tickets are available on the eventbrite of the event HERE.

The discussion features entrepreneurs, industry experts, policy advocates and showcases local and international best practises such as Impossible Foods, creating a delicious plant-based meats and New Wave Foods, the first sustainable plant-based shrimp company. Stanford University is represented as well as the Institute for the Future and the NGO The Good Food Institute, currently researching on technological need within plant-based and clean meat innovation.

On September 17, Future Food for Climate Change is presented  in New York at the Embassy of the European Union to the UN thanks to the collaboration of the Head of Delegation Antonio Parenti, as a following step to the previous “Food Innovation Global Mission” stage (link existing post).

The Future Food for Climate Change project aim is to grow awareness on the food, climate and innovation connection all over the world, starting from Bologna, Italy where it was born. On September 4 at 6.30 pm at the Scuderia of the Future Food Urban Coolab (Piazza Verdi 2 – BO) Future Food Institute greets the US mission with a public discussion. To join, register HERE

The conversation presents the FF4CC project and its mission to move then on the Italian policies related to food and environment and some Italian best practices on the subject.

Local and national institutional policy makers, Climate Leaders and sustainability experts are invited to share ideas with an Urban Farmer, a Food Alchemist and some Food Makers,  young innovators working with the Future Food Institute.

Future Food for Climate Change enters its second phase, after a first step represented by the digital campaign #FF4CC launched during the Food Innovation Global Mission, thanks to the involvement of the international community of the Future Food Institute on social networks. For 60 days in 12 cities in 10 different countries, hundreds of “advocates” and influencers have sensitized their networks to the relationship between food and innovation on the environment.


The American mission of the Future Food for Climate Change is on the social media at the Future Food for Climate Change vola negli USA page HERE

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