Festival del Ragù

  • Fri 21 September 2018 until Sun 23 September 2018
  • All Day
  • Scuderia FF Urban Coolab
  • Piazza Verdi 2, Bologna

Ragù is the traditional recipe that has been on the tables of Bologna and beyond for more than 400 years. Since 1982, the recipe for this famous sauce is defended by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Bologna, which preserves its original preparation.
All to guarantee continuity and respect of the Bolognese gastronomic tradition in Italy and in the world.
From 2017 Bologna, the heart of the Italian Food Valley, is enriched by another important event that sees our Future Food Institute among the founding partners: the Ragù Festival, born to tell the country and the world anecdotes, history and flavors of the most famous local specialty.
The center of Bologna will animate activities such as tastings and advice given by the “caesarines”,  who will pull the dough for tagliatelle (the most traditional pasta for this sauce) and will give tips to visitors interested in the ancient art of “hand made pasta”.
From Scuderia Future Food Urban Coolab, the innovation HQ of our Future Food Institute, we will celebrate this event together with our team and the researchers of the Food Innovation Program, always convinced that food is one of the highest expression of identity and that only from the cross-pollination between tradition and innovation we can really give life to the food of the future!

For more info about the Festival stay tuned and follow our official website

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